Emergency Management

Are you ready? 

Disaster can strike at any time. Knowing what to do in an emergency can minimize the effect the situation has on you, your department and your loved ones at home. 

From earthquakes to bomb threats to campus shootings, this website offers information to help you prepare yourself – and your department – for managing during and after a chaotic event.

Aside from the resources found in these web pages, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has helpful information on surviving the first 72 hours after a major event like an earthquake (sf72.org). FEMA has more information on their Ready.gov website.

Emergencies & Disasters

The UCSF Police Department’s Homeland Security Emergency Management Division engages in “All-Hazard” planning.  The Division continually maintains and updates the University’s emergency plan to better respond and recover from natural, technological and man-made disasters.

For further information:

     Review the links in the side panels, or contact us:  emer.mgt@police.ucsf.edu.

Emergency Notification

Electronic Display Board (EDB) Project

Alerting devices are being placed in classrooms, meeting rooms and common areas. The electronic display boards are dedicated devices used to alert the community of life threatening or safety-related events. They work in conjunction with the WarnMe mass notification system.Emergency Alert Beacon


UCSF's alerting and warning service for students, staff, faculty and affiliates with official UCSF IDs. WarnMe is activated when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. WarnMe can alert you by phone, text message email; text messages have been shown to be the most effective in a disaster scenario. 

To receive WarnMe emergency alerts through means other than your official UCSF phone or email address, you must sign up and share with us how to contact you. 

WarnMe is part of the UCSF campus emergency communications system. For emergencies, natural disasters and other crises, information may be recorded on the campus emergency hotline number, (415) 502-4000 (or 2-4000 in house/on campus). As quickly as possible, information may also be posted on the UCSF campus website. 

WarnMe is only used for life/safety events and notifications, or semiannual drills. Information is confidential and never shared. 

To register your personal contact informaiton or devices, visithttp://warnme.ucsf.edu/